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Our decision to bring our daughter to Attention Deficit Specialists was one of the best decisions we have made for our daughter and our family.  We were uncertain of how to proceed as we had been given several diagnoses.  We opted to do the brain mapping, which provided a basis for treatment and almost immediate results.  Although her speed of progress slowed after a while, it gave us hope and made our daily lives easier.  The decision to do the brain mapping was a challenge due to cost, but well worth it.  We greatly appreciate the support we have been given and the improvements that have happened for our child.

Parents of 8-year old girl, May 2014


When I started, I was having trouble being able to reduce stress at home, but now I have no problem with many different tasks.  I also feel like my brain is getting an intense workout like nothing I’ve ever done before!  

12 year-old client, May 2014


I knew this was working for my son when his peers started noticing a change for the better and when the other moms started telling me they noticed an improvement.

Mother of 12 year-old client, May 2014


I have been under the care of Barry Belt / Center for Educational & Personal Development for some time and it has been an excellent experience. When I first began my sessions there, I thought that being an adult with learning disabilities, no one could ever help me to understand them or teach me how to cope with them as an adult. I was quite a bit dour back then. But Lynn counseled me and my wife in the form of Family Therapy, to help us with a better understanding the bigger picture of an adult living with LDs, while, at the same time, Gretchen added her Neurofeedback expertise and her counseling skills to aid me in the specifics of overcoming these disabilities. The CEPD counselors, including the office staff, have been a great comfort to both me and my wife. I have both a friend and a sibling who have children with Aspergers. I have recommended CEPD to them both.

M.A., 2012


I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Gretchen & the staff at CEPD for the help & support they have given my family over the years. Our son received EEG biofeedback in elementary & middle school; these treatments helped him bring his world into focus. When we were struggling with the school district to develop an individualized learning plan, Barry Belt accompanied us to school meetings & was instrumental in gaining the appropriate accommodations. Our son is now a junior in college and continues to thrive under Gretchen’s guidance. Gretchen has made herself available to our son & our family well beyond the office hours to allow for his college schedule. She has suggested the services of other health professionals when appropriate, continuing in the role of therapist throughout. Our son has great respect for her, her insights & opinions. Her no-nonsense approach is not only refreshing, but effective. She has challenged him to find balance in his life, to grow & embrace the future.

J.S., 2012


My son has been going to Barry Belt’s office for over a year and has seen great improvements in his studies at high school as well as being able to sort out feelings. My wife and I have family meetings with Mr. Belt as well as with Gretchen Lichtner as they are very helpful to our family in being able to communicate with each other effectively. The staff is pleasant and everyone has always been on time.

B.H., 2012


I had seen Barry Belt for years before seeing another therapist from his office. I do not have one bad thing to say about this office or their services. They helped me and my family a great deal. They are very knowledgeable about the services they offer. I would recommend this office and their services to anyone, including my own family members.

K.A., 2012


My son’s teacher has reported that, since starting neurofeedback 10 months ago, he is much more focused in class. The professionals at this practice are knowledgeable and thorough, and will appropriately recommend that clients seek additional services elsewhere (ie. psychiatrist) if they feel the client may be in need of them. I travel 45 minutes each way, once or twice per week, to receive services for my son, and it is worth it.

L.V., 2012


I have nothing but the utmost respect and appreciation for Barry Belt and his team. My son has been receiving neurofeedback for over two years and we have witnessed noticeable improvements in his behavior, focus, and overall disposition. These positive changes have been apparent not only to family and friends but to teachers and counselors. Barry’s team is extremely knowledgeable, professional and supportive. We have had all positive experiences with the staff and practice since the onset of our treatment!

N.S., 2012


My son is an ADHD child and also has a learning disability.  He had been on Ritalin but developed side effects after a period of time.  The biofeedback has greatly improved his concentration.  He is able to keep up with his assignments at school and the battles of doing homework have declined.  Thanks to all.

Mary W., September 2011


I would highly recommend this practice to anyone truly looking for therapy to improve their quality of life without medications. The Director and Assistant Director are personally involved in your care, the psychotherapy is wonderful, you feel cared for and like your recovery is important to them. Even the administrative personnel take care of your insurance issues, confirm (and reconfirm) your appointments for those of you preoccupied with other things. There are a lot of different options for therapists and treatments. I am impressed with the standard of care at this practice and the best part is that you are encouraged to work on yourself between sessions as well, so that you develop the proper coping skills to deal with your issues on your own. The staff is also very friendly, which is another plus.

“millertime” December 2008


My son began coming to Barry Belt’s office in November 2004.  At that time, he was having difficulty in school and at home.  He began to come in twice a week for neurofeedback.  After about 10 sessions our son was able to control his anger better.  After about 20 sessions his teachers and other adults in his life began to notice changes.  He was getting along better with his peers and his family.  His grades began to go up, and he gradually began to feel better about himself.  We brainstormed about strategies to help with behavioral issues.  It is refreshing to deal with a group of professionals who understands that when one child has issues, the entire family dynamic is affected.  His therapist is a great resource for him and for our whole family.  We feel fortunate, and are hopeful about our son’s future.  Neurofeedback has not been a cure-all for our son, but it has been a valuable modality that has made a huge difference in his life, and the life of our family.

KF, June 2006


ADD is not an easy life to have.  Sure, ADD patients do tend to be dreamy and creative, but for the most part, it can be very frustrating.  Things like making mistakes at work, getting directions confused and saying “what?” after every time someone says something can drive one nutty.  To confront my dilemma, I had seen numerous doctors about my problem.  At first, they did not know I had ADD, but I was diagnosed with a learning disability.  It wasn’t until after I took a special test that they (the doctors) found out my learning disability was ADD related.  I was prescribed a drug called Nupermin for a while, but that gave me some very nasty flashbacks.  Then I was prescribed Prozac for at least a year, which really did nothing and made my mouth dry.  And, of course, there was Ritalin.  Ritalin, helped me out at first, but I was developing a slight “tick” and it wasn’t working after a time.  My doctors suggested a higher dose, but I declined.  Soon after, I stopped the Ritalin, and went back to being myself again.  Several years later, I heard about biofeedback treatment.  I thought I had nothing to lose, so I tried a free session.  After the first session, I was completely amazed!  I could actually focus and not drift off into la-la land (which is something I have a bad habit of doing).  The effects of biofeedback for someone with my symptoms is like putting on glasses on a blurry-eyed visioned person and having them see in crisp vision for the first time in their lives.  The biofeedback treatment has recently helped me with my job and my private life as well.

Sincerely, Jim


I am happy to write this for my son who has been seen for Neurofeedback at Attention Deficit Specialists.  Prior to beginning treatment, my son had outbursts of anger and problems with behavior at home.  He would frequently lose emotional control and became oppositional and defiant.  He has been seen for approximately 30 sessions of Neurofeedback.  He has become much calmer and more in control of his behavior.  His temper tantrums have subsided.  He understands the meaning of “no” and is less manipulative.  When I tell him to do something, he is more willing to do it without fighting with me.  His relationship with other children has improved and there has been progress with his attention and concentration in school and at home.  I am delighted with my son’s progress and would recommend Neurofeedback without hesitation.

Sincerely, M.M.


I just wanted to extend my thanks to you for all your energy and expertise in helping my son using EEG Biofeedback to treat his ADD and two learning disabilities.  He is more settled and calm as a result, unlike last year, he now loves getting up and ready for school and the complete school experience.  Almost every day he asks, “Is there school tomorrow” and then follows with a “YES!”  He feels great about himself and all this without drugs.  WOW!  That says it all.

Thanks so much, Katherine


Biofeedback has helped me a lot in focusing.  I used to have a lot of anxiety and it’s not really bad at all now.  Thank you.

M.S., June 2006


We started coming to CEPD approximately one year ago.  We have a 9 year-old son with ADHD.  Our journey of coming to understand our son and the challenges he faces didn’t begin in a very positive or supportive way.  He had just entered first grade and was faced with every parent’s nightmare, an uneducated and uncaring teacher.  As we attempted to work with her through, what at times seemed  “normal” behavior for a 6 year-old, she became more and more determined to “nip him in the bud!!!”  He was publicly disciplined and separated from his classmates and ultimately made to keep a journal of every “bad” thing he did all day.  Some examples of these “bad” behaviors were: forgetting to raise his hand before speaking, forgetting to put his book bag on the appropriate hook, being too loud at recess and when bored (which was often) he would interrupt others and make them laugh.  Now I agree that these behaviors should be addressed, but in a positive and supportive manner.  The negative approach that was taken only served to cause hurt, anger, resentment and low self-esteem.  He left that school “broken,” discouraged and feeling that he was a “bad” boy.  She did indeed “nip him in the bud!”

Needless to say, we removed him from that environment and he is now in a wonderful school with caring, loving and knowledgeable teachers.  I am pleased to say that he is not the same child he was at age 6.  In the horror of the situation, I began to turn to all sorts of information on ADD/ADHD and we had him rigorously tested.  It turned out that he is gifted, not only with ADHD, but superior intelligence.  In my search, I discovered Neurobiofeedback online and was instantly interested in learning more.  I found Mr. Belt’s office and, even though it is an hour drive from our house, decided I wanted him to try these methods.  We had placed him on Ritalin 10 mg twice a day and, although it is a relatively small dose, my husband and I both felt that if we could decrease or eliminate the medication, that would be a desirable outcome.  After CEPD conducted a thorough and careful assessment of our son’s behaviors, emotional state and learning styles, it was decided to work with him using Interactive Metronome and Biofeedback through the use of “The Wild Divine.”  He is making great strides in controlling his impulsive behaviors, increasing his attention span and taking more independence and responsibility for his actions.  He was also able to reduce his afternoon dose of Ritalin in half.  The staff  at CEPD are very connected to their patients and families.  In particular, his therapist spends part of every visit with us just checking in on how things are going.  We have received many ideas for parenting and coping skills.  The more I work through the challenges and rewards of parenting a child with ADHD, I realize that the ultimate success lies in a multimodal approach.  Medication, behavior therapy, relaxation techniques and parenting skills are all pieces of the puzzle that when put together can take mystery out of this complex disorder.

I am at peace now and can enjoy watching this very special, bright, enthusiastic, creative and loving child grow at his own pace on his own terms.  I highly recommend CEPD for the varied approach they offer with skill, knowledge and always compassion.

B.J., June 2006